Saturday, December 29, 2012

Got to love the beat up ones!

I love to go to some local shops to find "not so pretty" pieces of furniture or household things to bring back to life.  Two of favorite places to visit is Goodwill on Rt. 1 near Ashland and Class and Trash, a local thrift store also on Rt. 1, just north of Interstate 295/95.  Craigslist is another place in which I have scored some great pieces as well.

Here are two before and afters.  

Not bad for $8 at Goodwill.
Looked like someone had a blast scratching
something all over it.

$10 off Craigslist
$5 knob from Hobby Lobby at 1/2 off - $2.50!

With each, all it took was some sanding, painting, and updating hardware. Sometimes I get a new knob or handle or I just spray paint the old one if it is a style I like.  The drawer pull on the first table, I did spray paint it because I couldn't find a new one that had the same distance from the screws.  In the end, I like it sprayed brushed nickel!

So.... the next time you see a little table or chair that has seen better days, give it a chance!  With a little sanding, painting, and tlc, it may become your favorite piece yet!

Have you ever found a piece and given it a new life?  Have you ever passed on a piece of furniture only to regret it later? I have numerous times.  My new motto is.... get it when you see it!  It might not be there tomorrow once you are done justifying it in your head!

Happy hunting!


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