Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Turn the table!

Here is little table that I got from my mom that belonged to my Grandma.  It had seen better days and reeked of smoke.  (I think the smoke was stuck in the lacquer!) It's not tall enough to be an end table, yet it is a good height to have beside an occasional chair with low arms or put wherever!  It needed some help to be attractive again.

So, I spread out some cardboard and began the messy, daunting task of stripping it.  I could have sanded it using a palm sander, but the lacquer had to come off first.  And if you have never stripped a piece of furniture using paint stripper - take precaution.  Wear heavy duty rubber gloves, safety goggles, old clothes, and work in a well ventilated location, like outside.  The fumes from the stripper can be strong, so you need lot of fresh air.

So, needless to say, I was a real beaut this day out in my driveway tackling this little job!

Once I stripped it, sanded it down using fine sandpaper on my palm sander, I proceeded to paint it black.  To me, a neutral color.  Plus I wasn't really sure where it was going to go.  It was just one of those projects that I just wanted to do because I had the time!

Now for the fun part!  What to do with the top????  I could have painted it.  Nah.  I wanted to try something I had seen before, yet not sure how it would turn out.  So I took a chance.

Check it out.  What do you think I covered the top with?  Yes - I did add nail head trim to jazz it up a bit.

Leather???     No.    Faux leather???  Nope.   Give up???  Brown craft paper.  Really? Yep!

I got it off a large roll at my school (shhhh...) and cut it to cover the top, the sides, and to have a little bit to tuck under.  Next I just crushed it and crinkled it in my hands over and over.  Opening it and crushing it gain.  Twisting.  Rolling.  I wanted it to be pliable and have lots of wrinkles.  Then I used Mod Podge and glued it on to the top, sides, and under the edge.  I rubbed all over the bag with a dry rag to make sure that it was totally glued down and that there were no air bubbles.  I let it dry overnight.  The next day I used wood stain and an old rag  to apply it until I achieved the coloration I liked.  Don't forget to wear rubber gloves again so that your fingernails stay pretty!   I let this dry outside for a couple of hours.  Lastly, I applied 2 coats of poly-acrylic to protect it.  I followed the can for drying times.  

I used some left over nail heads and trimmed it out!  And there you have it ~ a snazzy little table with lots of character!


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  1. LOVE IT! Very creative to use craft paper... I would have guessed leather!