Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Holy" socks

Have you ever put on a good pair of socks only to discover that there is a hole in one?  Well, when I went to put on my warm blue socks the other day, I was caught by surprise ~ here was a hole on the heel.  No worries!

I thought I would share with you how to darn a sock ~ that means fix a hole in a sock.  It's bit different that sewing up a hole in a shirt or pants.  Here you go...

 1 - Gather a needle, appropriate thread, small scissors, and a lightbulb.

2 - Turn the sock wrong side out and insert the lightbulb so that the hole in the sock is slightly stretched over the lightbulb.

3 - With your needle threaded and knotted, begin making stitches that go across the hole, catching a small bit on each side of the hole.  Once you have sewn it up, knot thread and clip.

4 - Viola!  No more hole!  The lightbulb helps one truly see the hole.  This is a trick that mom passed down to me from her grandmother.  Thanks Grandma Childress!

May your socks no longer have holes!


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  1. Thanks, Nevin! I see you are making the most of your Christmas break :)