Friday, December 28, 2012

Kitty Man Cave

Some say a man needs his space to relax and call his own, yet does that apply to male cats too?  According to my daughter, her male cat. Alphie, needed a place to curl up in privacy that was all his.

It all began with this inspiration from Pinterest:

In her bedroom she had the perfect bedside table!  Now the transformation began.

With measurements in hand, off she went to JoAnn Fabrics to find the "purrfect" polar fleece for a pillow and material for a curtain.  She chose a soft off white fleece and an off white and light turquoise chevron for the curtain.

After measuring the space inside where the pillow would go, I proceeded to cut the material 2' wider and deeper than measured to allow for seam allowance and for the stuffing.  I sewed 3 sides together and on the fourth, I sewed in 1/3 of the way from each side - leaving an opening to add the stuffing.  Once stuffed, I hand stitched it closed.

Next I measured the height of the opening where the curtain would hang and added 1/2' for the hem and 1 1/2' for the rod pocket at the top. I cut the fabric to the desired height and then using the full width of the fabric, cut it in half to make 2 panels.

Then I hemmed each side and hemmed the length.  Then I created a rod pocket for the tension rod at the top.  I then added the two panels  onto the tension rod and put into place.

Now Alphie has his own lil' Kitty Man Cave to sleep in at night!   

Sweet dreams Alphie!


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